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Public Bills tabled in Parliament for the Legislative Year 2009/2010; this includes Bills passed in this session of Parliament; Bills that are awaiting Royal Assent and Bills currently being considered by Parliament or referred to Committee.

To download/view a copy of these bills click here.


  • The Appropriation Act, 2009
  • The Bail (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Bail (Interim Provisions for Specified Offences) Act, 2008
  • The Bank of Jamaica (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries (Amendments) Act, 2009
  • The Constabulary Force (Interim Provisions for Arrest and Detention) Act, 2008
  • The Casino Gaming Act, 2010
  • The Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Constitutional Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Child Pornography (Prevention) Act, 2009
  • The Conch (Export Levy) Act, 2008
  • The Corruption Prevention (Special Prosecutor) Act, 2008
  • The Credit Reporting Act, 2008
  • The Customs (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Factories (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Financial Administration and Audit (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Financial Investigations Division Act, 2008
  • The Firearms (Amendment) (No.2) Act, 2008
  • The Holidays with Pay (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Independent Commission of Investigations Act, 2009
  • The Income Tax (Validation and Amendment0 Act, 2009
  • The Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Offences Against the Person (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Parole (Amendment) Act, 2008
  • The Registration (Strata Titles) (Amendment) Act, 2009
  • The Sexual Offences Act, 2009
  • The Trade (Amendment) Act, 2009