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Please be advised that the next meeting of the House of Representatives will be held on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 2 p.m. at Gordon House. 
Public Business
Private Members’ Motions
·    Debate to be continued on Private Member’s Motion No. 61 regarding the recommendations of the Abortion Policy Group and steps to repeal sections 72 and 73 of the Offences against the Person Act, by substituting it with a civil law entitled Termination of Pregnancy Act as recommended;
·    Debate to be continued on Private Member’s Motion No. 47 regarding the support of the Parliament for establishing a Law School at the University of Technology to enable their law students to access professional courses offered by the Council of Legal Education and for the Government to consider advancing this position at the next CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting on the relevant treaty for the next academic year;
·      Private Member’s Motions Nos. 49, 53, 62 & 63, seeking the approval of the House on the Reports of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC);
·     Private Member’s Motion No. 31 seeking the approval of the House for the adoption of the Report of the Sessional Select Committee on Human Resources and Social Development on its deliberations on Private Member’s Motion No. 12 of 2017, which was laid on the table of the House on the 12th day of September 2017;
·     Private Member’s Motion No. 15 seeking the approval of the House for the Report of the Economy and Production Committee of the Houses of Parliament on its deliberations, which was laid on the table of the House on the 31st day of January 2017;
·    Private Member’s Motion No. 16 for the House to debate the need for restructuring of the educational methods, which would reinforce basic values and attitudes and the building of healthy family relationship, as a sense of making decency, high self-esteem, civility and patriotism every Jamaican’s guiding philosophy;
·     Private Member’s Motion No. 28 seeking the approval of the House that the pension of retired Judges be indexed to the current rate of salaries for sitting Judges at the applicable commensurate level, such that pension shall change over time in line with current economic realities; compute taxable income thus incorporating, inter alia, emoluments and housing; pension benefits for widows and widowers of retired Judges; and health insurance benefits.
·     The Emergency Powers (Continuance) (No. 4) Resolution, 2018 will be taken;
·    The Law Reform (Zones of Special Operations) (Special Security and Community Development Measures) (The Mount Salem Community and Environs in the Parish of Saint James Zones) Extension of Period of Operation (No. 5) Order, 2018, will be taken.