• The Budget Debate provides us with the opportunity to take stock of our performance over the previous fiscal year and to measure our progress in relation to the targets previously set and to assess the effectiveness of our management of the country’s finances.
  • Let me begin this review by expressing a deep sense of gratitude to a number of people. I begin with:
  • The Most Honourable Prime Minister for her continued confidence and support.
  • The Speaker of this Honourable House for your guidance.
  • Mr. Speaker, I continue to serve in this Honourable House at the will and pleasure of my constituents in East Central St Andrew. The fact that they have kept me as their Member of Parliament since they first elected me in 1994. I interpret this as an indication that I continue to serve their best interest.  This job comes with its highs and its lows and at all times they are there for me and have never failed to give unreservedly of their love and support. I can hardly thank them enough.
  • Mr. Speaker, I must commend my Cabinet colleagues for the understanding and support they demonstrate in managing their respective portfolios in a tight fiscal environment which affords them fewer resources than they would normally have expected.

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