Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Hon. Roger Clarke Contribution to the 2014/2015 Budget Debate Continuing the Growth…Going for Export

Mr. Speaker, this Government was elected on the mandate of “people power”. For us, this is not merely a slogan, but a summons to a greater level of accountability. It is within this context, therefore, that I intend to present my scorecard to this Honourable House, in respect to the commitments I made in this House last year in the Sectoral Debate. It is my intention, further, to outline the critical programmes and strategies that the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries will employ in the current financial year, to move the sector forward.

Mr. Speaker, given the amount of work covered by the Ministry in the last financial year, the number of new initiatives and our many successes, it would be difficult to speak to everything in this presentation. I have therefore tabled today 13 Ministry Papers, detailing our activities and successes. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am pleading with members of this House and the general public to read these Ministry Papers.

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